Monday, August 5, 2013

Mug #3 for Kelly and Marcos

This coffee mug will be an important part of Kelly and Marcos' daily lives. Mugs are about the most useful kitchen items, and I can see them enjoying breakfast coffee, tea, juice, wine, or beer from this lovely cup! Please help them put this in their kitchen!

Cost:    $28

Claim this for their registry by being the first to say so in the comments. Please include your contact information so I can respond to you directly, or get in touch at the email address below. If you live in the Athens area and would like to pick up the pot in person you can also pay in person. Checks or cash is fine. If you live out of town and would like it delivered either to your address or directly to Kelly and Marcos there will be an additional shipping and handling fee. Let me know this is the plan and I will list the item on my etsy shop, and you can make the purchase there. The listing will be reserved for "your name" and delivered to the address you choose.

Any questions or to discuss payment and shipping, please contact me at:




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